Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Cornwall day 6

Visiting Tate St. Ives. Of course on arrival we make straight for the cafe. Dinner first, culture second. Am resisting the temptation to check work email using the free wifi (bonus!) because my horrible boss Mr. Shard made me promise to switch it off do that i could have a "proper break from work" (WTF?!?!) The last time I felt like this was 12 years ago when I did cold turkey giving up the tabs. I would love to say I'm missing the desolation of the North East, but it's actually quite nice down here. Later.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Cornwall day 5

Sorry to disappoint, but today was... pleasant. Rained this morning and after Emma and I had finished our usual 40 minute row about nowt, we nipped off of to St. Mawes for a spot of lunch in The Rising Sun. A bit pricey, but the kids portions would have fed a fat greedy b******rd like me and I had an adult portion of liver and bacon - diet variety of course (I.e. added mash). Popped round to St. Mawes castle on the way back initially for 15 minutes but stayed 1.5 hours because it was so cool and interesting (even Joseph liked it) and cost nowt because I had remembered the English Heritage membership cards. Swimming in the pool back at base before tea, and nobody had a toilet accident in the changing rooms. It's all too worryingly OK, waiting for disaster to strike.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Cornwall day 4

Note: day 3 journal was late due to iPad failing to recognise SIM card for 24 hours, until I realised that powering off an iPad isn't really powering it off, even if you hold the button down and swipe to power down etc. - for future ref, try putting into air safe mode and back again. Eden Project. On arrival were told by surly teenage eco warrior type at entrance that our 12 month passes marked "Adult" are only valid for... um... adults, and we would have to pay for the kids to get in - this despite the fact that we registered everyone at the same time 11 months and 2.5 weeks ago. Resigned to having to cough up, when kindly lady at the cash desk suggests checking with customers services; considerably more helpful customer services lady confirms that the boys' memberships are still valid. Result - the first time in my life that I have actually got value from a 'use as many times as you like' pass. Absolutely humongous rainstorms while in the 'rainforest' biosphere (or whatever they're called) add to the sense of realism, as they do when also trying to eat ice creams outside later on. Nobody sick in the middle of the night, yet...

Cornwall day 3

Spent morning on the beach in decent weather with J and M body-boarding. Retaining strap on J's newly bought bodyboard comes off and is lost in the surf. Receipt binned, and return journey to Falmouth would take half a day and cost the same as buying the board again anyway. Lesson: next time give in and buy the bloody £60 board (even though it's just a bloody lump of polystyrene and identical to the £24 one apart from having a more rad design) because it will increase the indignation level when it breaks to the point where it's worth driving to Falmouth to replace it, with a demand for a refund of the cost of the fuel to boot. Torrential downpour forces us off the beach at 13:30; J and I have to disassemble and pack away the beach 'sun shelter' whilst being lashed by horizontal rain, whilst rest of angry family clambers up the cliff to the car. Good day.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Cornwall day 2

Driving from Warwick yesterday we decided that scary noises coming from the car engine are just because the exhaust blanking plate has been removed. Last night the shower stopped working, hot water stopped, lights in bathroom went off, Michael sick I'm bed at 03:40, alarm on cooker went off at 06:00. Weather fine whilst we went to Falmouth to buy body-boards. First chance to use them will be tomorrow, which is when the thunderstorms start. Forecast is for rain every day for next 5 days. Forgot to bring boots. On the upside, Michael has spent his holiday money on a cap gun which will definitely not be confiscated by airport security this year, as we are driving.