Monday, 29 July 2013

Cornwall day 3

Spent morning on the beach in decent weather with J and M body-boarding. Retaining strap on J's newly bought bodyboard comes off and is lost in the surf. Receipt binned, and return journey to Falmouth would take half a day and cost the same as buying the board again anyway. Lesson: next time give in and buy the bloody £60 board (even though it's just a bloody lump of polystyrene and identical to the £24 one apart from having a more rad design) because it will increase the indignation level when it breaks to the point where it's worth driving to Falmouth to replace it, with a demand for a refund of the cost of the fuel to boot. Torrential downpour forces us off the beach at 13:30; J and I have to disassemble and pack away the beach 'sun shelter' whilst being lashed by horizontal rain, whilst rest of angry family clambers up the cliff to the car. Good day.

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