Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Cornwall day 5

Sorry to disappoint, but today was... pleasant. Rained this morning and after Emma and I had finished our usual 40 minute row about nowt, we nipped off of to St. Mawes for a spot of lunch in The Rising Sun. A bit pricey, but the kids portions would have fed a fat greedy b******rd like me and I had an adult portion of liver and bacon - diet variety of course (I.e. added mash). Popped round to St. Mawes castle on the way back initially for 15 minutes but stayed 1.5 hours because it was so cool and interesting (even Joseph liked it) and cost nowt because I had remembered the English Heritage membership cards. Swimming in the pool back at base before tea, and nobody had a toilet accident in the changing rooms. It's all too worryingly OK, waiting for disaster to strike.

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