Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Cornwall day 11

This was yesterday, but had no &@£#%ing Internet.
A lot.
All morning.
Sat round the lodge, Internet-less and forlorn, with Artzooka running on a loop on the TV. Read, tidied up, read some more. Realised that I have had enough holiday - don't mind having some more I suppose, but it's as if a friendly neighbour has given me some nice onions from his allotment, actually a lot of onions. Thanks,the onions were nice. Would you like some more? Well maybe a few more. Here, have 5 sacks more! Well, um...
Thing is we're here until Friday and I've goddam paid for it so we're not leaving a moment early. Even if we did leave early, I wouldn't be allowed to go back to work.
Aaah, work. Twelve days ago I was a gibbering wreck, not having had any real time off since Christmas, pushed to the stress cliff-edge and staggering in a daze towards the last day. Now I'm wondering what I was whinging about - the thought of sitting at a desk/in a meeting room/driving/on a train all day seems quite interesting and pleasant. Lovely stress, not all this sitting about 'relaxing' followed by fidgety bursts of activity when I can't take the inactivity any more.
Also, I will be able to return to drinking huge quantities of irresponsibly strong coffee. The lack of any discernible withdrawal symptoms means that either I don't have a coffee problem and can take it or leave it without ill effect, or my blood has been completely replaced with Bolivian Machacamarca 2013 and Sumatra Lingtong Natural Washed and I am still metabolising it, with an appalling crash due some time soon.
Took the boys swimming in the indoor pool during the afternoon. That's right, during the afternoon when it was dry and sunny outside, not in the morning when it was coming down stair rods. I've learned that there is no point trying to be logical when planning their activities; everything is based on impulse only. "Can we go swimming?" "No, it's 10pm."
Tried to watch "The Eagle" DVD but Gerry didn't want to, nor indeed did he want to do anything else including keeping quiet: "Everything I can find I don't want to do." Truly it is time to go home soon.

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